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Here at UPS Battery Shop we’re dedicated to supplying replacement batteries for any type of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). That includes Smart UPS from APC by Schneider Electronics. 

Changing these types of batteries regularly is vital for a number of reasons, including the fact it improves the reliability of your equipment.

UPS batteries are the critical components that supply backup power during an outage or when the main power supply lets you down. As with most batteries, over time their power diminishes, so by changing them regularly you can reduce the chances of unexpected power failures.

Did you know that UPS batteries have a limited lifespan, which lasts about 3-5 years? This will depend on the type of battery and how much it’s used. 

Many companies like to replace batteries on a regular schedule, so they can extend the overall lifespan of the UPS and avoid costly downtime.

We have a wide range of Smart UPS replacement batteries manufactured by APC to get you back in action as soon as possible.


Old or failing UPS batteries can also cause potential damage to connected equipment. 

They can cause the sudden shutdowns of servers, computers, or other sensitive devices, potentially causing data loss or hardware damage. New batteries will ensure that the UPS can perform its role effectively.

Regularly replacing UPS batteries will also keep your premises safe.

Old batteries can pose safety risks for several reasons: they can leak, overheat or even start swelling, therefore damaging your UPS or the accompanying equipment. In some cases, they can even cause fires or end up releasing noxious chemicals.

Replace your UPS batteries and it’s easier to test your system. 

You will be able to see whether your UPS is functioning correctly, and all components, including the charging circuit and other electronics, are in good working condition.

Keep your warranty by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Many UPS manufacturers offer warranties that cover the UPS and its components, including batteries. Regularly changing the batteries according to the manufacturer’s recommendations can help maintain the warranty coverage and access to technical support if needed.


UPS Battery Shop can help you to adapt to your changing needs. 

Perhaps the power requirements of your equipment have changed, so you need to upgrade or replace the UPS to meet those needs. During such upgrades, changing the batteries is typically a standard practice to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the new UPS.

If you’re looking for a replacement Smart SRT-UPS, explore our latest range today.

Battery Replacement Service

Our engineers can carry out on site UPS battery replacements for all makes and models of uninterruptible power supply during normal office hours, or out of hours with minimal fuss or interruption to your business. Replacement UPS batteries can also be replaced during a maintenance visit or as part of a UPS health check.

Old UPS batteries must be disposed of safely and in accordance with special waste regulations. At Source UPS, we can collect your old UPS batteries for certified disposal and offer a battery removal service for larger UPS systems.

To get a quotation for replacement UPS Batteries or to speak to a member of our team please give us a call on 01252 692559 or email:

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