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UPS Battery Shop is able to provide replacement batteries for many different UPS systems, including Eaton.

When shopping for this type of product, it’s key to find batteries that are compatible with your particular system, because this will ensure optimum performance and reliability. Whether you’re looking for Eaton 5130, 9PX, or 5SC replacement batteries, you’ll find them at our online shop. 

Why have an Eaton UPS system?

Eaton UPS systems are known for their outstanding reliability, making them a popular choice for critical applications like data centers, healthcare facilities, telecommunications, and industrial environments. This manufacturer has received numerous awards and recognitions for its UPS products, reflecting its commitment to quality and performance.

They’ve even inserted cybersecurity features into its UPS systems to protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Their batteries are also prized for their long lifespan, so you want to ensure any replacements are just as good, even if they’re non-branded. 

What kind of lifespan do Eaton replacement batteries have?

Eaton batteries are designed to have a long service life, which can help reduce the overall cost of running a UPS. They typically have a lifespan of several years, depending on how much they’re used and the environmental conditions.

When you order our replacement batteries for Eaton UPS, you’re guaranteed to have high quality products. Our batteries undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards.

The company also invests in research and development to incorporate the latest battery technology into their UPS systems. They’ve introduced features like advanced battery management, monitoring, and maintenance capabilities, all of which help elongate the lifespan of the batteries.

Keep your UPS system running at optimal levels. 

With our high quality replacement batteries, your UPS can provide clean and uninterrupted power to connected devices during power outages or fluctuations. 

UPS Battery Shop always takes batteries seriously and only supplies replacements which will prevent issues like overheating, overcharging and other hazards. This helps protect both your equipment and the environment around it.

We have a range of UPS batteries to suit your power requirements. 

If you need help finding the right Eaton replacement batteries, our team is always available to help. Our services include on-site replacements, along with professional testing and maintenance. 

All our Eaton batteries come with 12-month manufacturers’ warranty and our experts are always available for customer support. 

Explore our wide range of replacement Eaton UPS batteries, or simply get in touch for more information.

Battery Replacement Service

Our engineers can carry out on site UPS battery replacements for all makes and models of uninterruptible power supply during normal office hours, or out of hours with minimal fuss or interruption to your business. Replacement UPS batteries can also be replaced during a maintenance visit or as part of a UPS health check.

Old UPS batteries must be disposed of safely and in accordance with special waste regulations. At Source UPS, we can collect your old UPS batteries for certified disposal and offer a battery removal service for larger UPS systems.

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