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As a Yuasa approved distributor, UPS Battery Shop is ideal for anyone who needs to order high quality replacement batteries for this brand. 

When choosing a UPS battery for your specific needs, it’s essential to consider factors including the power requirements of your equipment, the runtime required during power outages, and your budget.


Choosing a Yuasa UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re a well-established brand who are known for producing great quality batteries.

Established in Sweden in 1981, they have been distributing Industrial batteries across the UK and Europe for several decades, becoming specialists in UPS batteries. They are now the world leaders in the manufacturing of UPS batteries.

Their power solutions are prized for their reliability, which is crucial when it comes to providing backup power in the event of electrical outages or fluctuations.

Yusasa batteries tend to have an impressive service life. 

They tend to last for a long time before they need to be replaced, and can keep your equipment running for much longer. This can be invaluable for businesses and individuals who rely on continuous power availability. UPS Battery Shop can supply and fit Yuasa batteries for a range of UPS systems ranging from desktop units to large installations.

Yuasa UPS batteries are renowned for providing a consistent and stable source of power. 

They will ensure that your equipment doesn’t experience power interruptions or sudden shutdowns due to battery failure. Their batteries have been used as a backup power source for some of the world’s most essential equipment and technologies. They even played a valuable role during the pandemic in keeping hospitals and medical equipment running.

They are designed to be low-maintenance. This can save you time and money on battery upkeep, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

UPS Battery Shop has a range of UPS batteries designed to work with various UPS systems and configurations. 

That includes a wide range from leading brands such as Yuasa, Fiamm and CSB making it easy to find batteries compatible with your specific UPS unit. If you’re not sure which is best for you, we can help select a battery that suits your capacity, voltage, and size.

Our expert team regularly helps companies in selecting and fitting their replacement Yuasa battery.

Yuasa typically offers 12 month warranties for their UPS batteries, providing peace of mind and assurance that you’re investing in a quality product. It’s also a brand that is well-known for its dedication to environmental sustainability. They produce batteries that are environmentally friendly and recyclable, which is increasingly important in today’s world.

As true experts in UPS replacement batteries, UPS Battery Shop supplies batteries  for many leading UPS brands, including APC, Riello, Eaton, Tripp Lite, Vertiv, Cyberpower and many more. 

Since we offer onsite battery replacement services, you can enjoy a stress-free experience when having your UPS batteries replaced.


UPS Battery Shop believes in taking a proactive approach to replacing UPS batteries at regular intervals. Rather than waiting for your UPS batteries to fail, it’s best to have your system regularly checked to see if it’s time to have them replaced. We’re always happy to carry out a routine health check along with fitting replacements when needed.

If you’re looking for replacement Yuasa SWL UPS batteries, check out our latest range today. Or simply contact us for more information.

Battery Replacement Service

Our engineers can carry out on site UPS battery replacements for all makes and models of uninterruptible power supply during normal office hours, or out of hours with minimal fuss or interruption to your business. Replacement UPS batteries can also be replaced during a maintenance visit or as part of a UPS health check.

Old UPS batteries must be disposed of safely and in accordance with special waste regulations. At Source UPS, we can collect your old UPS batteries for certified disposal and offer a battery removal service for larger UPS systems.

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