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UK manufacturer, GS Yuasa, are set to launch their new scalable Lithium-ion battery at Data Centre World,  the UK’s largest data centre-specific exhibition next month. Renowned worldwide for their precision engineering and ultimate reliability, GS Yuasa will exhibit their market-leading range of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries and new scalable lithium-ion energy storage solutions at ExCel London between 6-7 March.

Widely known throughout the industry for their VRLA battery range, including popular SWL, EN and ENL types, the world-leading battery manufacturer will also be showcasing their lithium-ion battery ranges. Unveiled last year, GS Yuasa’s 30HL and 50EL LIM modules have been manufactured for class-leading performance in applications where high charge and discharge rates are required. Featuring lithium manganese chemistry, widely available from responsible and recycled sources, they’re also constructed in a way that aids recycling, something that should be a key consideration given the green initiatives they often support.

Furthermore, they’re a fully configurable solution which can be used to create powerful Energy Storage Systems (ESS), an example of which is also on display. The compact ‘plug and play’ solution contains 12 GS Yuasa LIM50EL-12 lithium-ion high energy modules controlled by a battery management system. Despite being no larger than a filing cabinet, the system provides 300kW of power and is designed to be an alternative to VRLA-powered Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems for data centre and other critical standby power applications.

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